South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Why Grow Your Own?

…..quotes from some of our members

Exercise  –

‘ My doctor suggested that I could lose weight by gardening without any real effort. After the first year I had my weight under control and of course and the added benefits of having lots of fresh produce – much better than going to the gym!’

Fresh Air –

‘Strangely enough my lungs feel a lot cleaner after an hour or so when I have been on my allotment’

Fresh organic vegetables  –

‘It’s wonderful to have fresh veg that hasn’t seen the inside of a plastic packet or an aeroplane. Sometimes the produce is so abundant, I don’t know what to do with it!’

Mental relaxation and therapy  –

–    ‘The mind seems to wander when I am gardening and all the problems that were going through my mind beforehand seem to just go away!’
–    ‘Some of my best business decisions have been made whilst I have been working on my allotment’

Stimulation and reward –

‘The feeling of picking some fresh vegetables just a few weeks after they were just a tiny seed in a packet gives me a great feeling of achievement’

Meeting people and socialising –

‘I really enjoy the casual chats I have with fellow allotment gardeners, sharing ideas and just having a sociable time’