South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Minutes of the 2019 AGM

South Ward Kennington Allotments Association

 Committee Meeting

AGM Meeting 18 April 2019 7.00pm


Present:  Dave Allen, Pete Mulvany, Sandra Mulvany,   Judith Wilkinson, Di Cox, Emma Tinker, Marcus Nicholson, Margaret Young, Tony Hicks, Tina Hatton, Martha Young

 Apologies: Richard Dales, Ivor Roberts, Kelly Hulatt

1 Chairperson’s report


Data Protection Act

Data Protection Act came into force in May 2018.  Many of you have given your consent for us to keep information on you to enable us to communicate effectively.  However, there are still some members who need to do so.  We have a policy on this Act and if there are any concerns, members are urged to agree what information the Association can hold and for how long asap.


Fly Tipping

Fly tipping situation that we had last year has now come to an end.  Since the travellers have been given a play area, the fly tipping has stopped and we have had little trouble from the residents as well.  However a section of the fence have been cut and the travellers’ children are coming through onto the site.  Emma Tinker will liaise with the Council’s Travellers Liaison Officer on this.  The first gate will continue to be open to allow members easier access to the site.



The Federation’s AG meeting  was held last week and all committee members were re-elected.  Wendy Skinner Smith, the chair, announced that she would be standing down once the new lease (2021) negotiations with OCC have been finalised.


It was decided that sites with 100+ members will have to provide a member to sit on ODFAA committee.


The grant budget for 2019/20 will be £3.5k.  Eligible projects include composting, solar panels, water harvesting, site security, fencing and accessibility.


2019 marks the centenary of ODFAA and the booklet with contributions from all sites will be published in the autumn.  The booklet is available for purchase but as yet there are no details on this.  The actual date of the 100 years anniversary is 21st August which almost coincides with National Allotment Week (12 – 15 August).  Allotment sites have been asked to celebrate with an event of some sort like an Open Day, BBQ etc.


Our Association are thinking of having a BBQ day on Sat 24thAugust to celebrate Oxford Allotment Centenary and National Allotment Week.


It is also 30 years since Oxford twinned with Grenoble and a crab apple tree will be planted on Oxford’s oldest allotment site as a commemoration. 


June 8th has been designated a “Green Day Out” and the Federation  will have a stall on Broad Street, Oxford publicising Allotment Gardening.  The Federation will allow our association to promote our site for new members at this event.


There is some doubt as to whether OCC will continue to cover site insurances and should they not, there will be rent increases to cover the extra cost.  This will probably happen in 2021.  OCC will continue to cover public liability but not employer’s liability.


































DA/ET to forward details on where to buy the booklet





JT to send out email for our allotment BBQ

2 Treasurer’s report

Accounts for 2018/19 were approved by members and duly signed off.  We have just about enough rent from members to cover our rent to OCC.  There is a surplus of £103.86.


We are down in membership numbers and we are actively trying to recruit new members.  Many thanks to Kennington Chronicle who has given us 3 months advertising for free.


3 Letting Secretary’s report

Nothing to report.  We are down on numbers from last year.  We currently have 27 vacant.  21 members have paid their rent.  A reminder will be sent out on rent payment by mid May.


JT to send out a reminder for plot payments.  Deadline – mid May for payments.
4 Election of officers

Dave Allen is stepping down as chairperson. Emma Tinker has been put forward and seconded as the new chairperson.



 Group clear up of allotment site

Emma is proposing setting another date for allotment site clearance.  Proposal is to clear 3/4 plots and cover with weed suppressant membrane in order to attract new members.  Date proposed is Saturday 4th  May for this activity (8am -12 pm).  A skip will be ordered by Emma Tinker for this.


Entry by traveller’s children

The traveller’s children are entering the site again.  The proposal is to contact the Council’s travellers liaison officer about this.


Martha Young has suggested looking at rabbit deterrent which are battery driven.


Di Cox has suggested not setting future AGMs for Easter week so more members can attend.


Tony has suggested painting the inside of the toilets.  Dave Allen has confirmed there’s paint in the shed.  Tony has been looking after the toilets.  Many thanks to him for doing this.


Emma Tinker made a proposal to get a first aid kit for the site to be kept in the toilet.  The general consensus was that this is a good idea.  Dave Allen mentioned the eye wash, stored in the shed, needs to be checked for the use by date.




JT to send out email to everyone on site clearance.


ET to order skip.

6 Next Association meetings:  Thurs 17th Oct 2019 7pm,  Thurs 20thFeb 2020 7pm


Next AGM:  Thurs 23rd Apr 2020 7pm


JT to send out email on meetings and book rooms with Pete Biggs.