South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee meeting 21st February 2019

Present: Dave Allen, Judith Wilkinson, Pete Mulvany, Sandra Mulvany, Emma Tinker

Apologies: Mark Nicholson


Lettings secretary’s report

1 member wants to move to another plot and this has been approved.

1 new member has joined and taken over plots 314/315.


Chairperson’s report

Allotment competition

Allotment competition will be returning this year with some changes.   3 individual plots will be required to allow site entry.  Invitation letter and entry form will be sent out by 29 April. Closing date is tba.  Judging will take place 10thJune and 16thSept.  The site will be judged on both occasions.


Grant money

Grant money for this year is £3.5k and priorities in order as follows:

Composting (21)

Solar panels (15)

Water harvesting (13)

Site security (10)

Fencing (10)

Accessibility (9)


Centenary book

The centenary book to which all sites contributed will be published sometime in the autumn.


Treasurer’s report

There is £6578.02 in the bank and £127.65 cash in hand.


Rent to be paid to OCC is £457.66.  50% is due in March and 50% in Sept.  We need to let out 23 x10 pole plots in order to cover the rent to OCC.  Given current memberships, the  income for this year is £712.05.


Recruitment of new allotment members

Emma will make a new poster to attract new members with new contact details.


Dave will find out about putting an advert into Kennington Chronicle for 3 months from April to June.


In order to attract new members, Emma is suggesting buying heavy duty weed suppressing plastic to cover 2 10 pole plots. When the new members take on the plots, the plastic covers can be moved to new plots.  Pete has advised that this may be difficult as some plots have a lot of rubbish on them so a couple of good plots will need to be chosen. 


Emma has taken a list of occupied plots and a plot map showing occupied and unoccupied plots. Dave will get the heavy plastic and a suitable plot will be chosen.


Allotment crime/pest monitoring – The Cube

Committee members has decided not to proceed with this as it appears to be too costly to install and to maintain.


Next meeting 18/4/2019 at 7pm (committee members only) in Kennington Village Hall.


Full AGM will follow on from above meeting at 7.15pm.


Judith Wilkinson