South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Minutes of AGM 28th April 2016








Present: David Allen (Chair), Anthea Pierre (Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Pete and Sandra Mulvany (joint lettings secretary), Derek Webb, Di Cox, Richard Dales, Pat Mabbutt, Margaret Young, Ivor Roberts, Tony Hicks, Rosie Tilston, Sharon Murray


Apologies received from: George Young, Tim Wait, Tim Gardener, Alan Deakin and David Bauer.


Before the AGM proper, the committee met to examine and subsequently agree the accounts present with the Treasurer.


  1. David Allen (Chair) opened the meeting and welcomed everyone. Everyone reintroduced themselves.
  2. Minutes from the last AGM meeting were passed around and read by those present. Minutes were agreed and signed by David Allen. No matters arising from minutes.
  3. David Allen presented the Chairman’s report:



  • David Allen thanked those who supported him during his run as Chair of the Allotment Committee.


OCC/FED Meetings:

  • FED AGM was 19th April 2016. All executive members were re-elected.
  • Our insurance has been changed. We now have changed from an employers and public liability cover to a hybrid cover that is commonly used by parish councils. This does not need to be displayed on notice board.
  • FED arranged a talk at the town hall on soil and intends to promote two more talks this year. The talk on soil was well received by those who attended.
  • The allocated grant fund was fully taken up on security issues; next priority will be voted on.
  • A sign has been designed which states our name and confirm our membership of O&DFAA. This is to be used in conjunction with our own sign, which has been badly vandalised. The committee will discuss how and if we move forward with this.

Allotment Completion:

  • The closing date for entrants this year’s Allotment Competition is May 6th; all details have been posted on the noticeboard. Last year there were forty individual plots entered and nine sites. Whilst our site did not score highly in the site completion all individual entrants were given an award with Justina Zurauskiene and Mantas Zurauskas of plots 255 & 256B gaining 1st prize in the under 35 age group.
  • The main change in this year’s completion rules is that a site entry must also have a minimum of 2 plot entries.
  • This is the last year that Tim Treacher will organise the competition and the search is on for a replacement.
  • Mike Kent has recovered from last year’s illness and will be able to judge this year’s competition.


  • Following a flurry of meetings with various council meetings and a new gate installed, we had a large amount of rubbish dumped in front of our gate earlier in the year. This took a long time to get cleared as councils involved pushed the responsibility around. If there are any future problems the initial point of contact will be Traveller Liaison Officers. There have been no meetings called since this incident.


  1. Pete and Sandra Mulvany presented the lettings report:
  • There are three 10pole, one 5pole and one 7.5pole plots available. The 7.5 pole plot is in the process of being let.
  • Pete is in the process of cutting the grass on some of the vacant and abandoned plots as requested by adjacent plot holders.
  • It is noted that anyone can volunteer to cut the grass; it takes 5 hours to do the entire site.


  1. Anthea Pierre presented the Secretary’s report:
  • Everyone was encouraged to sign up for the allotment competition.
  • Change of address given for Viv and Brian Weekes.
  • Anthea is in the process of collating and updating the contact information of member. Members were told to expect emails or phone calls if inconsistences were noticed.


  1. John Card presented the Treasuer’s report:
  • The annual accounts showed a bank balance of £6284.32 with a surplus of the year of £603.04.
  • The rent has risen for the site to £457.66 per year; we therefore we need to keep an eye on how much we send during the year.
  • There were lots of outstanding rents. Anthea is to put up a notice on the gate reminding allotment holders that rents are past due.


  1. Elections:
  • The election of a new chair was carried out. The job description for the role was circulated in advance of the AGM. Sharon Murray agreed to stand for the position, as David Allen was leaving the role. Sharon was nominated by Pete and seconded by Anthea Pierre. The vote was unanimous with no abstentions.


  1. AOB
  • Pat Mabbutt suggested a Plant and Seed Swap. The suggestion was agreed upon. Tentative date Saturday 14 May. Anthea will email members.
  • Pat Mabbutt suggested growing wild flowers on empty plot. Help removing the black berry bushes would be needed. David Allen suggested starting with a trial area and expanding. A budget of £50 – £100 was suggested.
  • Sharron Murray thanks everyone for voting her in as Chair.


Anthea Pierre 


07732 153 924