South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee Meeting 25th February 2016




Present: David Allen (Chair), Anthea Pierre (Secretary), Pete Mulvany and Sandra Mulvany (Joint Lettings Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Tim Gardener and Dick Webb


Apologies: Sharon Murray, Alan Deakin


  1. The minutes from the last meeting where agreed to and signed by Chair, David Allen.


  1. Lettings:


There are two 10 pole and two 5 pole plots available. Anthea will email everyone to ask for the rents at the beginning of the financial year, April 1st. If someone does not want to continue we need to inform them that John will collect the keys and return their key deposit. If rents are not paid by the 1st May we will assume that the plots are vacant.


The overall allotment rent to the council will be at the new rate this year. It will increase from £155 to £457, a 300% increase.


The rate on the plots will be increased from £18 to £19 for 10 pole (£9.50 for 5 pole). Anthea will inform everyone of this.


  1. Chairman’s Report:

Federation and OCC Meetings

  1. Competition – This will be the last year Tim Treacher will organize the completion. A vote was taken as to the future of the competition and the majority voted in favor of keeping it. Several changes were suggested – however David will wait until the Federation AGM before stating what they are as last year’s changes were not all implemented.
  2. The combined insurance certificate (employee and public) does not have to be displayed on site. The old certificate will be removed from the notice board.
  • The talk on soils at the Town Hall was well attended and most people found it interesting and of use. Further talks will be arranged.
  1. Leaf Mould – Only six loads of leaf mould were available this year and despite applying for some immediately all six were already allotted

Fly tipping

It was unfortunate that it took so long for someone to remove the fly tipped material in front of our gate – it may be a result councils being cash strapped and not wanting to take responsibility. The new fly-tipping into the ‘recreation’ site and over the back of the new fence has been reported and investigations are taking place. There will be continued meetings with the Parish Council and relevant parties. Moving the gate will not be possible.



Sharon Murray have expressed an interest in taking over the chairmanship from David. She will hopefully be voted in at the next AGM if uncontested. David will remain a committee member for one year only after AGM.


  1. Secretary – Order flowers


  1. Treasurer – no news


  1. Any Other Business
  • The format of the allotment sign proposed by the Federation is being changed. A new sign is being proposed.
  • AGM will be on the 28th April 2016


Anthea Pierre 


07732 153 924