South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee Meeting 25th November 2015




Present: David Allen (Chair), Anthea Pierre (Secretary), Pete Mulvany and Sandra Mulvany (Joint Lettings Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Alan Deakin, Tim Gardener, Sharon Murray

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 5th February 2015 were partially reviewed. No matters arising. Due to the AP bringing the incorrect minutes these will need to be reviewed again and signed off by DA at the next meeting.
  2. Lettings:
  • PM reported that we have 2 x 5-pole plots and 2 x 10-pole plot vacant.
  1. Chairman’s report:
  • Flytipping: DA has attended 3 meetings with representatives of Kennington Parish Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Vale of White Horse District Council. Following the failure of CCTV it was decided to upgrade our first gate and put steel fence around and outside the wooden fence at Red Bridge Hollow. After all the initial teething problems with the gate it appears that this approach has been successful so far. It is assumed that residents will he held responsible if issues with the fencing arise. The next phase will be to make an assessment of materials already dumped in our adjoining fields prior to removal. Contractors therefore have a key. There are no further meeting proposals until spring 2016.
  • Signage for letting of plots: A template for all allotment sites has been proposed by ODFAA. This is a metal sign that could be attached to the site entrance. Should we wish to take this up the cost is estimated at £150-£200. DA feels that since our entrance is hidden from view, although our site sign may attract potential allotmentees, it may not be as effective compared with site entrances on a main thoroughfare. Vote was taken and all in favor of new sign. Next Federation Meeting will be in January.
  • Insurance – Our site insurance for the past few years has comprised of Public and Employee liability, this is to be replaced with a single hybrid policy to cover both. This is widely used by Parish Councils and has a maximum liability of £5 million. DA not sure if certificate needs to be posted.
  • Talk on Soil: A talk on soil has been arranged at the Town Hall on Nov. 24th. AP will post information to you in the near future and all are welcome. Let DA know if there is there is a topic of interest for a future talk.
  • Competition: The site came 8th out of 10 entrants, however individual entrants achieved one 1st, one 2nd, three 3rd and one highly commended prizes. Tim Treacher (the competition organizer) told DA not to be disappointed as he thought the site was worthy of a higher position and there is great hope for the future. To put it into context last year’s winners were Elder Stubbs ad they came 9th this year.
  1. Secretary’s report:
  • Leaf Mould: No mention at the moment. There was a shortage in supply so only went to allotments that had not received in past years.
  • Feedback from the BBQ: all who attended had great fun. Suggestion for the future is that it is not held during the school holiday since many parent go away at that time.
  1. Treasurer’s report
  • Current balance £6,392.57.
  1. AOB:
    1. Fruit trees: help offered for pruning
    2. David plans on giving up being chairman in 2018.
    3. No news currently on Hinksey water diversion.


Dates for next meetings:

  • To be determined


Anthea Pierre 


07732 153 924