South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Minutes of AGM 23rd April 2015






Present: David Allen (Chair), Emma Tinker (Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Pete and Sandra Mulvany (joint lettings secretary), Dickie Webb, Alan Deakin, Anthea Pierre, David Bauer, Margaret Young, Diana Cox, Pat Mabbutt, Sharon Murray, Tim Wait, Sue Whorton, Tony Hicks, Rosie Tilston.

 Apologies received from: Tim Gardiner, George Young, Ivan Stipala, Ivor Roberts, Morgan Ruark, Elizabeth MacFarlane, Don Tibbetts.

Before the AGM proper, the committee met to examine and subsequently agree the accounts presented by the Treasurer.

  1. The Chair (DA) opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
  1. The minutes of the AGM held on 24 April 2014 were agreed and there were no matters arising.
  1. David Allen presented the Chair’s report:

Federation/Oxford City Council (OCC Meetings):

  • Rent review: As reported last year, the City Council has now arrived at a formula for standardising rents per hectare across all Oxford allotment sites. For our site the rent increases from the current £145.62 to £457.62 p.a. The rent we charge for individual plots has been held at £18 per 10-pole plot for this year, but the figure will be reviewed in the light of the above increase and plot take-up. Whilst the increase may seem bad news, it does allow the Council to maintain current levels of grant money for allotments.
  • Council grants: Last year we were granted money for a sign, which we will attach to the front gate once the fly tipping situation is cleared. The grant scheme focus this year is in order of priority: security, water harvesting and plot clearance.
  • Allotment competition: Congratulations to those who took part as individual entrants last year, all of whom won awards. Our site as a whole came second, one point behind the winners. Whilst a lot of discussion took place in January about changes to the competition, there will probably be little or no change. Application and judging dates will be posted on the site noticeboard.

Suttons Seed Scheme: This year once again we used the local Post Office as the distribution point for seed catalogues. This continues to work well, and again we thanked the postmistress with a bunch of flowers. Once again we achieved a maximum 52% discount on packeted seeds. However, our uptake and spend this year was down on last year, so our discount for 2016 may be reviewed.

Machine hire/ weed killer charges: The cost to use weed killer will remain at £1 per fill, and use of the strimmer at £2 per fill of fuel.

Fly Tipping

Following a meeting with the parish council on April 15th, the proposal is to replace the featheredge fencing around the traveller site with palisade fencing, and also to bolt a section of fencing onto the gate to prevent people from climbing over. DA has raised concerns about the additional weight affecting the lock alignment, and also the risk of rubbish being tipped in front of the gate.

Site improvements

This year we have bought 2 picnic tables, which have been well used. We have also created a BBQ area and a communal bonfire area. Please do not use the bonfire area as a dumping ground but burn your material immediately, having first allowed it to dry out on your plot.


  1. Emma Tinker presented the Secretary’s report:
  • Lettings: Plot occupancy has been fairly high throughout the year but a few recent departures have left us with 2 x 5 pole and 5 x 10 pole plots vacant. Most occupied plots are in good order.
  • Tree adoption. Thanks to all who are currently looking after a tree in the orchard. At the meeting, several volunteers were recruited to care for trees that are currently neglected.
  • Community Payback Scheme. It has not been possible to get any work teams this year – the probation service is being privatised and is in a state of disarray. It is worth pursuing this for future projects, as the help was invaluable.
  • Thank you to all who have worked on maintenance around the site this year, including those committee members who have cut the grass, Pat Mabbutt for maintaining the toilet, and David for his continued effort with the gate locks. Please be patient with the gate locks, everyone, and always remember to lock the gate.


  1. John Card presented the Treasurer’s report:
  • The annual accounts showed a bank balance of £5666.51 with a surplus for the year of £530.34.


  1. Elections:

Re-election of Chair and election of secretary. The job descriptions of both roles were circulated in advance of the AGM. David Allen indicated that he was willing to stand for re-election as Chair. Anthea Pierre agreed to stand as Secretary, as Emma Tinker is leaving the association. David Allen was nominated by Emma Tinker and seconded by Pat Mabbutt. Anthea Pierre was nominated by David Allen and seconded by Pete Mulvany. They were voted unanimously with no abstentions.


  1. AOB
    • David Allen and others thanked Emma Tinker for her work as secretary, and presented her with a much-desired book.
    • Pete Mulvaney agreed to make a bonfire space at the top of the track near the toilet.
    • Pat Mabutt asked people to remember to lock the toilet. New plotholders may not remember, but this was serii>


Emma Tinker


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