South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee meeting 5th February 2015



Present: David Allen (Chair), Emma Tinker (Secretary), Pete Mulvany and Sandra Mulvany (Joint Lettings Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Alan Deakin, Anthea Pierre.

Apologies: Tim Gardiner

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 4th November 2014 were approved and signed. No matters arising.
  2. Lettings:
  • PM reported that we have 2 x 5-pole plots and 1 x 10-pole plot vacant.
  1. Chairman’s report:
  • DA and JC have now signed the new lease for the South Ward Allotments site from Oxford City Council.
  • DA reported on the Federation meeting, where a discussion took place about the need for Employers’ Liability Insurance on allotment sites. The Federation have always had this (and as members we are covered), but Zurich recently said that it is of no use because as associations we cannot be employers, so would never be able to make a claim. There is still some disagreement on this, so further investigation is needed – DA to report back from subsequent meetings.
  • There has been discussion of possible changes to the Allotments Competition. Proposed changes included automatic site entry for any sites where a certain proportion of plots are entered, and a move to judging only once a year. However, all plans met with some dissent, and further discussion will take place before any changes are finalised.
  • The new gate sign has arrived – DA to put this up and re-paint the gate when the weather is fine.
  1. Secretary’s report:
  • ET raised the ongoing matter of fly-tipping, which has worsened again recently. It seems likely that someone has keys to the gate, as rubbish has been tipped in the right hand field. The committee discussed the possibility of changing the lock, but decided against this for now. ET to report recent fly-tipping to OCC.
  • It was noted that DA will stand for re-election as Chair in April, and Anthea Pierre will stand for election as Secretary, to replace Emma Tinker who is leaving the Association.

Dates for next meetings:

  • Thursday 23rd April (AGM)
  • Thursday 29th October