South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee meeting 6th February 2014





Present: David Allen (Chair), Emma Tinker (Secretary), Pete Mulvany and Sandra Mulvany (Joint Lettings Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Tim Gardiner, Alan Deakin, Dick Webb, James Duncan.


  1. Minutes of the meeting of 24th October were approved and signed. No matters arising that were not on the agenda.
  2. Lettings:
  • PM reported that we have 5 plots vacant. All these are plots at the bottom of the slope, prone to flooding.
  1. Chairman’s report:
  • DA reported on the rent review from the Federation meeting. This review is running behind schedule, and proposed rent increases may not be as high as anticipated. The committee agreed to keep rents at the current rate of £18 per 10-pole plot for this year, but to continue gradually increasing rents towards £20 per 10-pole plot.
  • The grant for skip hire has been approved. DA suggested that we should order it to arrive around mid March, so plot-holders can remove debris while it is still easily visible.
  • There was some discussion of plot cultivation and whether our current rule 10 is an accurate reflection of what we enforce. The committee agreed to keep the rule as it is – we aspire to 90% cultivation even if we cannot always achieve it.
  • DA reported that the seed scheme had attracted fewer participants but that those who took part spent more, so we continue to achieve the 52% discount. The committee agreed that we would buy a gift for the post office manager who has so kindly helped to distribute these.
  • The committee also agreed to buy a gift for Pat Mabbutt, to thank her for maintaining the site toilet.
  1. Secretary’s report:
  • ET raised the question of whether we should continue using workers from the Community Payback scheme. The committee agreed that this had been a success and we should carry on.
  • ET to update list of those responsible for caring for fruit trees.
  • ET noted that the compost has now arrived.
  • There was some discussion of the ongoing fly tipping and recent damage to the wall beside our gate. TG to pursue.
  1. AOB
  • TG noted the committee’s condolences on the death of Reg Luck, former secretary of the Allotment Association.
  1. Dates for next meetings:
  • Thursday 24th April (AGM)
  • Thursday 23rd October