South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Committee meeting 14th February 2013



Present: David Allen (Chair), Emma Tinker (Secretary), Pete Mulvany and Sandra Mulvany (joint lettings secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Brian Maisey, Tim Gardiner, Alan Deakin, Dick Webb, James Duncan.

  1. Minutes of the meeting of 1st November were approved and signed. No matters arising that were not on the agenda.
  2. Lettings:
  • PM reported that we have just 1 x 5 pole and 1 x 7.5 pole plot vacant.
  • In view of the appalling weather over winter, it was agreed that those who had been given warnings about plot maintenance would be allowed until the end of March to clear up.
  • It was noted that other sites let plots that flood regularly, so if we get to the point of having a waiting list, it may be necessary to let plots 324-5 and 200.
  1. Chairman’s report:
  • DA reported on having had a meeting with PC Carl Bryant about the fly tipping, in which he gave a substantial statement. The committee discussed the ongoing problem at length. ET to contact the council and Environment Agency again to press for action.
  1. Secretary’s report:
  • ET thanked DA and PM for their repairs to the shed roof.
  • ET raised the issue of repairs to the roadway. PM agreed to scrape off a small area of grass to see what is underneath, and if appropriate, to buy scalpings to fill in the gaps. TG asked if council grants might be available for this; ET to check.
  • ET reported that she was waiting for a call from the probation service about the possibility of using the community payback scheme to get some work done, particularly the clearing of the stream and roadway repairs.
  1. Treasurer’s report:
    JC reported that the Association bank account is showing a small surplus in spite of our purchase of machinery.
  1. Dates for next meetings:
  • Thursday 25th April (AGM)
  • Thursday 24th October.