South Ward Allotments

At Kennington, Oxford

Annual General Meeting April 2012






Present: David Allen (Chair), Emma Tinker  (Secretary), John Card (Treasurer), Pete and Sandra Mulvany (joint lettings secretary), Dickie Webb, Brian Maisey, James Duncan, Alan Deakin, Margaret Young, Diana Cox, Dai Williams, Pat Mabbutt, George Young, Ana Farina.

Apologies received from: Tim Gardiner, Elizabeth McFarlane, Sharon Murray, Tony and Jane Lawford.


Before the AGM proper, the committee met to examine and subsequently agree the accounts presented by the Treasurer.

  1. The Chair (DA) opened the meeting and welcomed everyone.
  2. The minutes of the AGM held on 22 April 2011 were agreed and there were no matters arising.
  3. David Allen presented the Chair’s report:
  • DA began by thanking the committee for their hard work, with particular thanks due to Pat Mabbutt for looking after the toilet and Brian Maisey for mowing the grass.
  • Federation/Oxford City Council (OCC Meetings):
    • All members of the Federation were re-elected at the AGM held on 24th April 2012.
    • Annual accounts were presented showing a surplus of £445.35 for the current year.
    • The Allotments budget/grant will remain the same as 2011, ie. £12000 for reactive maintenance and £3810 for grant money, with priority being given to plot clearance.
    • The Allotment Charter was adopted, and this is now on our website and the OCC website.
    • There will be a rent review in 2014, with a view to all Associations paying the same rent per hectare to OCC. This will affect us significantly, as we have previously enjoyed a discounted rent. Consequently we have increased our plot rent this year and will likely do so again in 2014/15.
    • Suttons Seed Scheme:
      • Our total order value including the initial discount was £1390.92, with a further amount of £155.33 distributed as we reached the maximum discount of 52%. DA asked members to avoid submitting orders at the last possible moment before the deadline.
      • David said that as our membership has grown, he may consider distributing catalogues from the site shed rather than delivering them to members.
      • Petrol/machine hire costs:
        • On 21st April we had a break-in to our site shed, in which both mowers and the brush cutter were stolen. David said that although we can afford to replace the machinery this time, it may be necessary to revise machine hire costs to cover future depreciation or theft of mowers etc. Charge currently stands at £1.20 per fill of fuel. It has yet to be decided how we will move forward with the loan of machinery.
        • Risk assessments:
          • As a result of last year’s risk assessment of the metal fencing poles around plots, plastic protectors for the ends of poles have been bought and distributed.


  1. John Card presented the Treasurer’s report:
  • The annual accounts showed a deficit of £249.12 and cash reserves of £4281.26. JC explained that the deficit was due to the overlapping of grants for site clearance: the grant went into last year’s account but the clearance was paid for in this financial year. The other exceptional cost was the final payment for the toilet installation.
  1. Emma Tinker presented the Secretary’s report:
  • Membership currently stands at 59 and there are 72 out of potentially 74 plots let. This is better than it has been in many years. As we are likely to have a waiting list soon, it is important that plot-holders make good use of their plots.
  • We have seen an increase in theft and fly-tipping over the past few months, culminating in last weekend’s serious break-in. ET is currently trying to arrange meetings with the police and Council to discuss these ongoing problems. She urged all members to report any problems to the police, including trespassing and small thefts. The committee are to decide how best to improve security on the site.
  • In spite of the supposed amnesty offered by Thames Water, TW have failed to visit or attempt to charge us for our water usage. The committee has decided not to pursue this for the time being, but members should be aware that we still have this potential liability unresolved.
  • The Association won second place in last year’s ‘Best kept Site’ competition. ET congratulated everyone on their efforts and encouraged them to enter the competition for individual plots this year.
  • BBQ – following our successful BBQ two years ago, this will be revived in late summer (August or early September). Details to follow.
  1. Election of Association Chairman:
  • ET, Brian Maisey, Dai Williams and others thanked DA for his dedication to the Association over his last three years as Chairman. The post was advertised to members in advance of this AGM but there were no applications. David Allen was proposed for re-election by Dickie Webb and seconded by John Card, and was unanimously elected. Congratulations were offered.
  1. AOB:
  • There was some discussion and general concern about recent thefts and fly tipping, and the expansion of the traveller site.
  • Dai Williams said thanks to ET for arranging delivery of leafmold. ET said that this had been successful and members’ donations had covered the delivery charge.
  • There was some discussion of the possibility of planting flowers in communal areas of the site to encourage bees etc, perhaps around the toilet or parking areas. ET to look into this, although there was some concern about maintenance.

Emma Tinker


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